Alex Baia

Hey, I'm Alex, a humor writer, book junkie, and lover of philosophy, snake plants, and tea.

You can find my writing in , , , and .

Here on Medium, I write mostly short comedic fiction pieces for , a publication I help edit. Plus the occasional essay on writing or whatever I'm obsessing over at the moment.

What else is here? Hot damn, I'm glad you asked.

I run a , where I share some funny writing from myself and other writers on Slackjaw, plus book recommendations.

I made a for aspiring humor writers.

I have a short, illustrated book called . The skeletons (above) are from the book.

You get all 3 of those things if you use any of the links above, so I recommend you get the goodies and don't overthink it. Leave the overthinking to me.

P.S. If you’re not a Medium member yet, .

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Alex Baia

Alex Baia

Humor writer, book junkie, stargazer, optimist. Resident philosophy major. I’ll send you some treasure: